Alles over Duffy's quilt en tassen workshops

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Commentaren op: "Tassen gemaakt door cursisten." (4)

  1. zo valies te maken wanneer ga dat waar woon je bent wilrijk

  2. hello Duffy
    i received your name from Greeta at the Bernina shop in Lier,
    I have been a traditonal quilter for decades now and wish to explore using my much loved Bernina aurore 430 as a drawing tool rather than just stictching sraight seams,
    Greeta recomended you as the best teacher for free motion quilting techniques,
    I am interested to follow a course on free motion quilting with you
    Will you be running a workshop?
    I do not speak nor understand Dutch/Flemish and would require instruction in English.
    I live in Tervuren. My home telphone no is 02 767 23 80.
    I would be prepared to pay for a private class if this would be an option for you.
    I look forward to hearing from you and expanding my skills and creating with textiles
    best wishes
    carolina de Waart

    • Hello Carolina, sorry that it took me so long but with all this festivities it is a bit busy.
      Yes I can give you a private quilting course. Let me know witch date it will go for you. There is also no problem to give you that course in English I am use to teach classes in England. Not this year because it is already very busy.
      Date that are already filed in every month is 1 Monday, 1 Tuesday, second Friday and last Friday. So send me some suggestion and I will see what I can do for you.
      you can contact me
      Greetings Duffy

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